Ongoing Projects

          1. WADI

Wadi project supported by NABARD from year 2009 for duration of 7 years is running in its 6th year of planting cashew and Mango. For planting Mango and cashew in 500 acres was approved by NABARD. We have completed planting Mango and cashew in 500 acres but unfortunately due to negligence of farmers we have plants Now in 400 acres of land.Total number of beneficiaries now having plants is 537. From last year onwards already Ist batch farmers have started harvesting mango and cashew crops. We are sad that farmers did not take good care of plants and we lost 100 acres but at the same time we are proud that we have plants in 400 acres of land. Farmers who have taken good care of plants are happy now. They say that these plants will take care our family. Besides horticulture plantations health camps, women empowerment and Income generating activities are promoted through wadi project. Wadi Project with NABARD support is completed but now organization likes to carry forward plantation and cultivation of vegetables with support from Government support with different schemes


As wadi project will closed so we would not like that farmers feel left out without much job or activities. We like that our farmers look forward for ensuring their future livelihoods. It is not only wadi farmers but all other farmers in village are struggling to provide food for their families. Hence Producers Company is visualised which can support farmers for production, marketing and processing of their produce by which they can make good profit. Now Producers Company is planned not only for Kutra block but whole of Sundergarh district. We are happy that NABARD has assured to provide financial support to our producers company.

          2. Securing forest rights and enhancing sustainable resource management of indigenous peoples in Asia:

Project is going on in three states namely Chhatishgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha. ANGNA is looking after implementation of project activities in Jharkhand and Odisha. Implementation of project activities in Odisha has very good progress while implementation in Jharkhand has faced some set back because of project staff left the job an now new staff have taken responsibilities of carrying forward activities. Brief up dates of progress is given bellow:

          a. Submission of claim forms

          b. Gaon Sarkar:

: Kalijapathar, Jhirpani, Elga, Automunda and Petlotoli have formed gaon sarkar and already governing their village according to PESA. It is encouraging that self governance has improved and participation of new leaders who have been given responsibilities are making lot of efforts for village development. Now formation of Gramsava or Gaon Sarkar with Pathalgai have become a movement not only in Kutr block but whole of Sundergarh district. More than 150 Gramsava have been already formed and more communities comingforward for self determination.

          c. Empowement of Women groups

Under Biodiversity and conservation activities 21 women SHG groups were given financial support for income generating activities. It is encouraging that small assistance given to groups has brought good results. All groups have performed excellent. Organization is looking forward to support more groups with more innovative income generating activities.

          d. Protection of Forest:

As 14 communities were given training and motivations for managing their forest resources all gaon sarkars have taken responsibilities to not only protect their forest but are also well managing the forest resources.

          e. Celebration of Biodiversity day:

It was encouraging to see that all 5 communities were performing better in self governance, lot of innovative initiaties for village development activities were undertaken, keeping in mind the sustainability of development activities. Interest, enthusiasm, spirit of leadership and participation with life was very much felt on the play ground as programme of the day. Sports games and cultural dance programmes made the day with full of enjoyment and with lot of good and positive feeling.

          f. Celebration of Indigenous day:

Celebration of Indigenous day is a day of celebrating ingeniousness, day of feeling proud of being a indigenous and a day of unity of all indigenous communities. It is a day of celebrating the day with indigenous cultural singing , dancing and at the same time remembering their heroes of past who have given their lives for the better living of indigenous society. In this way every year this day is being celebrated with better participation of communities.

          3. FUTURE PLAN

: ANGNA has new dream to be fulfilled. So far our activities were very much limited within Kutra block but now we have following plans to be implemented in whole of Sundergarh district.

          a. Producers Company:

:We like to implement producers company activities in all 17 blocks of Sundergarh district. For this we propose to involve all indigenous organizations to undertake activities in different blocks. Activities that will be undertaken will be. (1) Supporting Members for Production that could be agriculture, horticulture, fishery etc (2) marketing of produce of members. (3) processing of agriculture produce or minor forest produces for value addition of goods

          b. Labour Union:

To unit all job card holders at gaon sarker level and federate them at G.P , Block and district level to fight corruption in MGNREGA and bring 100% MGNREGA fund to gaon sarker for village development.

          c. Gaon Sarkar:

Gaon Sarkar is nothing but self governance system installed at the village level for better planning and implementation of village development plan. Various possibilities of flow of fund to village could be worked out. There is a need that we have formed gaon Sarkar in every hamlet in whole of Sundergarh district that we can better organise them to fight for their rights. Here again involvement of all indigenous organizations at every block is essential.

          d. Natural Farming:

Together with Gaon Sarkars ANGNA has taken decision to leave out use of chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticide and high breed seeds and go for natural farming using traditional seeds and bio firtilizers. Biofirtilizers will be prepared by SHG groups and supplied to farmers with price.

          4. Pilot Project

ANGNA is Implementing SSNC project since 2013. We have put our efforts in making this project a success and for this we have tried our level best. We have no doubt that we will achieve target goals with a good success. But we feel that regarding sustainable livelihood enhancement of tribals directly we can do very little within the given budget. Hence we would like to propose following activities to be undertaken with the same proposed budget. We propose for change only on Budget item No 3.4. Support to the self groups for income generation activities for year 2018, year 2019 and year 2020. Total amount for three years is Euro 5738.00

          Proposed Activities

          1. Pilot Agriculture and Horticulture Activities in 10 patches:

After much reflection we have decided to select 10 patches of 100 Acres each patch. Individually Supporting farmers for government Subsidy becomes time taking and not economic. Hence we decided to take patches which has minimum of 100 acres of land where we can develop water resource with government subsidy through bank. Under Water resource development we like to do 4 nos of deep bore well with motor and pipe fittings in every patch. In Cluster deep bore well schemes of government, we can get 95% subsidy for BPL farmers. Secondly we like to install drip irrigation system for horticulture plantations. Thirdly the total area of patch will be fenced with barb wire. Barb wire fencing is essential because during free grazing period from month December to July Protecting crops from cattle’s becomes difficult. We can get 100% government subsidy under MGNREGA schemes for Barb wire fencig.. After the fencing is done all concerned farmers will take up Horticulture plantations as per decision taken by Farmers group we call it Jharna Producers company. Farmers involved in cultivation activities are called producers. They will be engaged only in production activities and not in marketing of produce. For Marketing Jharna producers’ company will train local youths and engage them for marketing activities. They will market not only the produce of patches but also produce of other farmers.

          2. 10 Diary Farms attached with 10 patches:

: In each 10 patches we will also make arrangements for cultivation of fodders in some part of land. For Diary we need SUFFICIENT green fodder. SHG women of concerned village will be trained in diary management. SHG women will produce milk but marketing of milk will be taken care by Jharna Producers’ company.

          3. Add Mushroom cultivation unit with 10 Horticulture patches:

We like also to add 10 Mushroom cultivation unit with each Horticulture patches. Mushroom cultivation is added with patches because the waste straw of Mushroom will be use for vermin composting. For vermin composting we need cow dung and any waste materials. In this way waste of mushroom cultivation will be best used for composting which will be used for cultivation.

          4. Unit of Bio Fertilizer in each Patch For Horticulture cultivations:

In all 10 patches we will promote use of Bio fertilizers and will stop using chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticide. SHG women or Youths will take up preparation of bio firtilizers and marketing of same.

          5. Marketing Coordination by Jharna Producers’ Company:

For Marketing Horticulture produce, Milk and milk products, mushroom etc we will need to train unemployed youths in marketing. Jharna Producer Company is a registerd Producers company. All producers become member of this Jharna Producer company. Jharna Producer Company set up marketing unit for facilitating marketing of all above produces in the market. Jharna producer Company may hie technical persons for marketing when the size of marketing activities grow.

Each year we like to take up 10 patches for horticulture plantations and 10 each diary for SHGs. In next three years 2018- 2020 we will take up 30 patches of 100 acres covering total land of 3000acres approximately 1500 families and 30 diary for SHG women covering 30SHG or roughly 300 women. All families cover red under horticulture cultivation patches, Dairy units, Mushroom units, Biofirtilizers unit will become fully self dependent. All different units will depend on each other units for their success. Hence we will need full collaborations among all units for the greater success,