Drinking Water and Sanitation:

TheDistrict authorities selected ANGNA as an implementing agency for water and sanitation mission in Sundargarh district of Orissa. Staff of ANGNA was trained to identify needs and activities are implemented by the Villages water and Sanitation committees. Individual house hold latrines were constructed but we found that people did not use them.

It is a fact that tribals in rural villages prefer to go to open space for natures call. In this 21st century it may sound strange but till today it is the reality. Realizing this ground reality organization decided to create more awareness on the safe drinking water and sanitation programme. Now we are implementing Rural Health and Sanitation programme in village Kalijapathar. 52 families in this village have constructed bathroom and tolilet. All families have three water pipe connection. They get 24 hours running water. Similar activities have been initiated in 6 villages. We hope that this concreat example motivate other village to undertake this programme.

          Malaria eradication:-

Malaria has become one of the most dangerous sicknesses in Sundargarh district. Every year people die of this sickness. District Malaria Office has taken ANGNA into confidence and for last two years we have been involved in Malaria eradication programme.