Details of Registration
Sl.No. Area(s) Project taken up Target group Duration Supporting agency
1 Socio-economic-cultural Political Watershed 6 Tribal hamlets 3 years CRS
2 Socio-economic Promotion of Credit Union Women 3 years Caritas india
3 Socio-economic GTMPC (Gangpur Tribal Multipurpose Cooperative) Women and Farmers 2years CCA Canada
4 Education Non-formal Education Women and Farmers 1year FTVRS
5 Socio-political Self Governance PRI members 7 year MISEREOR
6 Livelihood Watershed Tribals 3 year MISEREOR
7 Livelihood Training and Irrigation Tribals 3 year MISEREOR
8 Education Child Labour School Child labour Children Gov. Labour Dpt.
9 Health Malaria irradiation All 2 year All
10 Health Rural Health and Envioronment programme All On going
11 Livelihood Wadi 500 tribal families On going NABARD
12 Health Environment 10 communities On going 10 communities
Man power of the Organisation.
Sl.No. Name of the staff Designation Working for the project Full time/part time Edn. Qualification Date of Joining
1 Remish Ekka Secretary cum Executive Director ANGNA Honorary BA Phil(honours) Diploma in Community Based Development 1994
2 Ms. Mina Kumari Dungdung Administrator cum Finance Manager ANGNA FT MA Political Sc. P.G. Diploma in computer Science 2004
3 John Bilung Project Manager ANGNA Honorarium +2 ARTS 1-9-2010
Self Governance
4 Flora Kerketta CO Self Governance FT BA political Science DCA 1-4-2007
5 Filicia Ekka CO Self Governance FT BA Economics DCA 1-1-2010
6 Kasmir Toppo Stat Coordinator SSNC FT B.A 1-9-2009
7 Ignes Lakra Field Extenssion wadi B.A.
8 Anna Sophia Toppo Office Assistant ANGNA FT 10th Class 2003
Financial status of Organisation

(i) Income /Expenditure Account,

(ii) Receipts /Payments Account and

(iii) Balance sheet for last 3 years

Income and Expenditure
Year Income (Rs. In lacs) Expenditure (Rs. In lacs)
2012 27.99 26.54
2013 25.14 24.80
2014 45.58 32.85
2015 62.46 53.36
2016 75.05 74.04
Major Assets of Organisation as per last audited balance sheet
Name Value (Rs. in lacs)
Cash Deposit Nil
Moveable Assets 6.72
Immovable Assts 2.56
Any exemption received from Government

⇨ We have obtained 12 A Certificates.

⇨ 80G certificate