From Desk of Director

Once again we have come back to put all our focus to Jharna Producer’s Company. Tribals in general are not business minded people. They have very simple way of life. Completion, profit making as a way of life is not found in them. All other business minded communities or people are making very good business because of simplicity of tribal people. They have lot of resources, they are producers of many food items, minor forest produces and also are producers of animal resources. They have land water forest in their territories which are supportive means of production. Till date they have remained as only a consumer. Hence when these producers have such a production opportunities, raw materials for production of many food items why only they remain as consumer and not take up responsibilities for making business out of these big opportunities.

Now ANGNA is fully ready to take up challenging responsibility and March forward materialising our long dream. We do not only like keep dreaming but now determined to make it a reality. ANGNA is taking all necessary preparatory steps for putting the action plan into real action. With the experience of failure in past we do not like to repeat the mistake again but from the past experience like to plan calculative, strong actions that success is achieved. Strong participatory determination definitely will make us so strong that we are able to make all other members active and committed for the cause. Our total efforts will be to make every one skilled entrepreneur. If entrepreneur spirit grow day by day sustainable development attitude will grow to maturity where no one can stop us from making tribal development a reality. Question of development is a big challenge, but .Business plan of Jharna producer company is going to answers all these questions and our experiences which have challenged us is going to be our strength and guiding force. Questioning our ability, knowledge, skills competency and strategies of actions is going to a matter of past and now we like to make this our opportunities. Both community as well as individuals have role to play for greater success of our dreams.. Both Community as well as individual is responsible for this. Frustrations, disappointed, defeats, and failures need to be given new meaning. ANGNA is preparing ground that all get opportunities to become skilled entrepreneur and acquire skills and knowledge to face all situation and make the marching steps stronger and stronger. Strength and courage convincing me to determinately work hard for the cause. Struggle is the only way for success.. As leader of the people and organization I think I have gained more experience which makes me proud of what I am and what my community is.

Year 2016-2017 was year of putting together dream of ANGNA team more focused on tribal development and to sharpen and make our mission and objectives more realistic and to the point. We hope to achive our goal through making producers company a success It is an on going exercise. ANGNA team is optimistic that this will help our team to work on long term sustainable tribal development.