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From Desk of Director

Tribal development question is a big challenge. All Answers to these questions have been learning experiences which have challenged me. All answers have further given birth to more questions. Questioning our ability, knowledge, skills competency and strategies of actions. It is giving more opportunities to examine ourselves and on the other hand many times I am coming to conclusion that community does not really want development and there is no strength in its thinking. Both Community as well as individual is responsible for this. My involvement of last 15 years in this field of development is again years of learning and gaining experience. I understand community and individuals. What I have achieved in my life? There are more failures than gain. Were they experiment? I think yes. Am I frustrated, disappointed, defeated, because of failures? No I think not. Rather they have given me more strength and courage convincing me to determinately work hard for the cause. Struggle is the only way for success.. As leader of the people and organization I think I have gained more experience which makes me proud of what I am and what my community is.

For tribal development government and many other hundreds of organizations and communities are committed spending huge amount of money. According to my calculation if same money was distributed among tribal people each tribal would get a sack load of hundred rupees currency. But in reality life situation of many tribal families are going bad to worse rather than improvement. This means that real root cause of tribals is not addressed rather symptoms are taken as real root cause. I myself being a tribal have I really understood the root cause of poverty? And what I have been doing so far? What activities through various projects are being done are a piece work. It is a process and not end. Journey is on. It is again a journey of struggle. As a tribal many times it is a painful experience of the situation of my own community. I think this pain full experience is the key or fuel that generates more hope and dream to work harder and harder with more determination and conviction.

Year 2014-2015 was year of putting together dream of ANGNA team more focused on tribal development and to sharpen and make our mission and objectives more realistic and to the point. We hope to achive our goal through making producers company a success It is an on going exercise. ANGNA team is optimistic that this will help our team to work on long term sustainable tribal development.