Bio fertilizer for natural farming

From Desk of Director

I am happy to publish the annual report 2015-2016. As a Tribal Organization we have made all our efforts to support the ongoing struggles of Communities. We have gone outside of our project to support movements that fight for the rights of tribal communities. We express our gratitude to Swidish Society for Nature Conservation and Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact for taking our organization at the international level. We were able to participate in International Land right workshop Organized by ILC, held at Senegal Africa and at Chiang Mai, Thailand. As a member of AIPP we have got many opportunities to participate in International workshops. All these workshops have widened our knowledge and experience. This has also helped us in improving our performance and managing our organization effectively at organization and community level.

For fighting for community forest rights, we were able to get support of communities. Our involvement with the communities provides us lot of opportunities to exercise and use our talents and knowledge in capacitating community leaders to take leadership of communities and also take leadership for taking forward all right based movements. Especially Land right was one of the burning issue. For tribals land is not only an economic asset but it is their identity and soul of their life. Without it they will be like fish out of water. Organization also feels proud to stand and support them. Because of our community involvement community members feel that it is their own organization.

We have two un- accomplished objectives. Organization is committed to make them also a success. It is a big challenge but we can achieve it. Natural farming not only for healthy food production but for providing good food to others. Jharna Producer Company is for taking forward this difficult business. Though it is a different entity but through organization’s this dream sustainable development of tribal’s will be possible. Both these activities are in progress and we hope to make this a success step by step.